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What people are saying

 “Takirra is an incredible storyteller and narrative builder. Very few people can both see the vision and execute it-and Takirra does both with excellence and integrity.”

- Brittany Packnett Cunningham,

Activist, Writer & Host of UNDISTRACTED

“Takirra communicates with passion, clarity, originality, authenticity and warmth. Whether she is solving complicated problems, introducing new ideas, or offering searing analysis, Takirra persuades allies and opponents. She is a rare blend of genius and generous, using her talents effectively to speak truth and build community.”

- Melissa Harris-Perry,
Professor & Media Host

“Takirra has a rare ability to communicate with the kind of clarity, urgency, and authenticity that cuts through the noise and sheds light on some of the most important issues of our time.”

- Sarah Hurwitz,

Author & Speechwriter (Barack & Michelle Obama)

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“Takirra is a passionate, talented storyteller whose authenticity radiates in her narrative work. She always stays true to herself, her roots and is a powerful voice for Black America.”

- D. Watkins,

D. Watkins, NYT bestselling author, writer and professor 

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You who dream bigger than the world view

Who build for businesses that aren't for you 

Through the rain you move 

Carrying the weight of whats professional

Then left out in the cold

To apologize is to

express regret for something that one has done wrong

I wonder 

How we learn to say sorry without word

 How we ask for room to grow and told

Maybe next year

Stay frozen

Just watch 

and wait and wait and wait

Tell them NO

This is your time to unapologize for yourself

To own your time, to be the waves 

To say I am here and I am not alone

With Black women by your side

We sit at our own tables

We are the deepest ocean

Flowing with goals and growth

We crash through the glass ceiling

And see the reflection of everything to come 

This is a Sisterhood

Of firm owners and CEOs

Know we got you

We are the tides 

Help you Rise with the Power you hold

For this is the Storm of a generation

Of Black girls who grew up 

Wide eyed and ready

Who skated on doubts

And called it ice 

Who feel our ancestors river guide 

Their droplets dreams 



Right here

This is for those who only knew survival

Who mopped a way through water 

Touched the bottom of the sea and rose above it

This is for the first time you say 

I’m not sorry

- Nyarae Francis

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